The Church has a great deal of practical wisdom for building happier, holier, more joy-filled marriages.

Bring that wisdom to your parish each Sunday.

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Whether they've been married for 60 seconds or 60 years, the couples in your parish want to have happy marriages.

What is your parish doing to equip them with the Church's practical wisdom for married couples gleaned from over 2000 years of pastoral care?

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The Center for Holy Marriage wants to partner with you to build happier, holier, and more joy-filled marriages in your parish.


That's why we've created a series of free bulletin inserts that translate the Church's rich theological wisdom for marriage into practical actions for married couples guaranteed to build authentically happy, holy, and joy-filled marriages.

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As the married couples in your parish start practicing the very practical wisdom they'll discover in your bulletins, not only will they be building happier, holier, and more joy-filled marriages, but they'll be laying the foundation for renewal in your own parish!

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